At Blue Pearl Stone, we believe that beauty in our materials shines through best when every aspect of our work tightly interlocks. By offering a full range of services we can ensure the highest quality of execution at each stage, that best achieves the vision our customers seek for their project.  See our list of services below!

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Material selection and consultation

We stock hundreds of hand-selected and unique natural stone slabs, specialty quartz lines, recycled glass and porcelain products, and thousands of select salvaged remnants. Using our 30 years of experience, we help our customers select the material and color that best matches their vision. 

We encourage our customers to reach out to us and come to our La Grange yard where we can accurately showcase the unique quality of each material and get a better understanding of their needs through an in-person consultation

Measuring on site

The power of masterfully crafted products lies in the precise measuring and fabrication of even the most inconspicuous details. That is why getting the layout and details exactly right in the step-by-step process of our work, is absolutely vital. 

After scheduling an appointment with, our master craftsmen take measurements on site, allowing them to get a full sense of the project at hand, and determine the most practical strategy going forward.

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While our state-of-the-art CNC cutting machine enables us to take on highly intricate projects, it is our best-in-class handcraftsmanship that gives each product its unique and stylish finish. 

Our artisan work includes the careful custom matching of stones - making the vein patterns of adjacent slabs seamlessly flow - and our exacting and artistic edge details emphasize the singular beauty of each material.


We conclude each project by making sure that our products are delivered and professionally installed. After having overseen the entire lifecycle of each product, it is our pleasure to see how they transform and breathe life into their environments.

Managing the installation allows us to take full responsibility for the intact delivery of our products, and to make sure that the highest level of quality control is exercised from the very beginning to the final stages of our work.


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Restoration, Cleaning and Maintanence

Natural Stone is elegant, versatile and hard-wearing.  Many homes and offices have the luxury of classic decorative natural stones in the form of a indoor and outdoor countertop, fireplace, or reception area.  Like any other surface, it might need a bit of loving attention occasionally to keep it looking beautiful and to ensure its longevity.

While marble is durable it is absorbent.  This means spillages could stain, while anything acidic can dissolve softer parts of the material, leaving it looking dull.  Similarly high traffic areas can be scuffed, scratched or worn down over time.

The good news is that a good cleaning and polishing will keep your stone looking its best and eliminate buildup on the surface. Or, if you have not maintained over the years, a complete restoration can usually bring back your stone to a pristine best again.

If you have tried to do marble polishing yourself, you know just how hard it can be to get good results without the right equipment. Restoration is really something best left to the professionals.

If you are looking for regular commercial and domestic cleaning services.  At Blue Pearl Stone Care, we are a unique in the quality and diversity of what we offer with a full range of services throughout the Chicago Area and beyond. Our services include:

All Types of Natural Stone and Quartz Cleaning
All Types of Natural Stone and Quartz Repair
All Types of Natural Stone Restoration

Our experienced, trained craftsmen of dedicated professionals who are passionate about what they do.  They are committed to providing the very best service, promptly and with the highest quality in mind.  they will also teach you or your staff about how best to look after your natural stone in between professional cleanings.

We use unique diamond pads to remove all marks and scratches expertly. We then apply our own unique sealer/impregnator, which is free from strong odours, to give constant protection from daily spillages. The end result? Stone that stands out for its glossy, flawless appearance.

Another thing that gives you peace of mind when you use our restoration services is the fact that we are fully covered by liability insurance for any injury or damage.

Ask us as well about our affordable maintenance plans, offering a complete care package to keep your marble in tip-top condition all year round.

What’s more, we cover all of the Greater Chicago area, another reason to use our stone restoration and complete cleaning services.

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