What is The Most Famous Stone in the World?


What natural material is prized by artists, has been used in the grandest buildings around the world for over two thousand years, and is still the most sought after look in design today?

You guessed it.  Marble from Carrara!  That's Carrara (not Carrera.)  

Carrara Marble comes from the comune of Carrara in the province of Massa and Carrara located in the north west part of Tuscany, Italy some some 62 miles north-west of Florence.


There were known settlements in the Carrara area as early as the 9th century BC, when the Apuan Ligures lived in the region. The current town originated from the borough built to house workers in the marble quarries created by the Romans after their conquest of Liguria in the early 2nd century BC. Marble was exported from the nearby harbour of Luni at the mouth of river Magra.

Statuario Extra Marble from Carrara at Blue Pearl

Statuario Extra Marble from Carrara at Blue Pearl

Borings show that the Apuan mountains of Carrara are made up of almost 100 percent marble that extends more than 500 feet underground and continues unimpeded to the top of the mountains at 5500 feet above sea level.There are at least 650 original quarry sites, and as many variations.  Approximately half are still in production today.  There is more Carrara marble in use in the world than any other marble.

Inside a Carrara Mountain

Inside a Carrara Mountain

The prize yields from Carrara Quarries are Statuario, Calacatta, and Carrara each with the white background and classic blue gray hues.  Visit Blue Pearl to see these and many other materials from the Carrara Region.

Carrara Marble  at Blue Pearl

Carrara Marble  at Blue Pearl

Calacatta Apuano at Blue Pearl.

Calacatta Apuano at Blue Pearl.

Michaleangelo was one of the first modern artist savants to realize the superior quality and extent of the beds.  Many masters went on to start studios in Carrara, some of which exist today.

a marble studio in Carrara

The Forum in Rome depicted as it once looked 2000 years ago clad in Carrara Marble.

The Forum in Rome depicted as it once looked 2000 years ago clad in Carrara Marble.

Famous buildings incorporating Carrara Marble

·       The Pantheon

·       Trajan's Column

·       Michelangelo's David (1501–04)

·       Column of Marcus Aurelius

·       Marble ArchLondon

·       Some sections of the Palace of the Marqués de Dos AguasValenciaSpain

·       Prem Mandir, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, India

·       Duomo di SienaSiena, Italy

·       Sarcophagus of St. Hedwig, Queen of PolandCracowPoland

·       Manila Cathedral (interior), ManilaPhilippines

·       First Canadian PlaceToronto, OntarioCanada

·       Sheikh Zayed MosqueAbu DhabiUAE

·       Harvard Medical School buildings, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

·       Oslo Opera House, Oslo, Norway

·       Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial (Crosses and Stars of David), France

·       Peace Monument, Washington, DC, USA

·       King Edward VII Memorial, Birmingham, UK

·       Akshardham, Delhi, India

·       Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.

·       Robba Fountain, Ljubljana, Slovenia

·       Finlandia Hall, Helsinki, Finland

·       Devon Tower, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

·       The Rotunda (University of Virginia), Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

·       Palacio Legislativo (Uruguay), the seat of the Uruguayan Parliament

Marble from Carrara. Be a part of beautiful history.


Teresa at a Quarry in Northern Italy.

Teresa at a Quarry in Northern Italy.