What to Bring When You Visit Blue Pearl

Congratulations and welcome! If you are reading this, that means that you have decided to take the plunge and take on a remodel or building project. Consequently, it also means that you have considered a visit to our shop in La Grange, thus taking an essential step towards a new and improved space. 

Our job as design professionals is to listen and help you make the best decisions, and in order for us to assist you the best way we can, we need to learn about you and your project in as much detail as possible. To make your job easier, we have compiled a checklist for you to use and peruse, so you can come and see us fully equipped. 


1. Drawing and Dimensions

If you have any drawings of your project, whether they are from a designer or a cabinet maker, it can help us jump-start the selection and design process. Even if you sketch your layout on a piece of coffee-stained napkin, that can ultimately help us find the most suitably sized slab. Drawings are also key for getting a quote. While square footage can be a good starting point, the quote is more reliant on the layout of the project and how we can fit that onto the slabs. 


2. Color Palette 

We pride ourselves on having a wide variety of resources on-site, such as paint swatches and cabinetry samples. However, color is one of the cornerstones of the design process, and it is crucial for us to know the context of your project. If there are any tiles, cabinetry, wallpapers, paint colors etc. in the surrounding space, snap a photo of them, or better yet, bring some samples along with you! We offer materials in a myriad of colors, and knowing the spectrum of your project can help us narrow down the possible choices.

3. Style

Tell us your ideas for style. Do you prefer traditional, contemporary, rustic, or transitional?
Are the countertops your focal point, or would you like them to complement the room? Anything that comes in mind can be helpful, so don’t shy away from sharing your preliminary ideas. 

4. Collaboration

It also helps to know whether you’re working with a contractor or a designer. Your contractor may have specific ideas about the construction timeline, and your designer may have a more overarching vision for the space in question, thus potentially providing you with suggestions about what might need to be discussed when you visit us. 

5. Timeline

Streamlining all the different aspects of a remodeling or construction project is where things can get tricky. But knowing, for instance, when your cabinets will be installed, or when the tile setters are due, will allow us to conform our schedule to yours, and make the entire workflow harmonious.


We hope you find this checklist helpful, and we look forward to seeing you soon! Call us to set up an appointment and to get started on a well-designed project!